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No confusing phone trees!  Between 9AM and 5PM Est you will always reach a live person to help you receive the Orthotic Brace that is right for you.

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We guarantee fast and accurate delivery of your Orthotic Braces.  We only send Orthotic Braces that you order and your doctor approves of.

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You’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction.  We supply the best Medicare approved Orthotic Braces. With most insurances, there is minimal out-of-pocket cost.

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Orthotic Brace Experts

When looking for a company to supply you with Orthotic Braces you want someone dependable, knowledgeable, and offers only the highest quality braces.  You can have all this and your Orthotic Braces with little out-of-pocket cost (based on your insurance coverage).   Our highly trained staff will help you take advantage of all your benefits.

We are an Orthotic Brace company dedicated to help individuals who have a medical necessity for an Orthotic Brace to reduce their pain, increase their mobility and decrease recovery time from an accident or procedure.  At your request, we will work closely with your doctor to see if an Orthotic Brace is right for you.  If your doctor feels that your condition can benefit from an Orthotic Brace we will ship the appropriate Orthotic Brace right to your door.

Our number one goal is to assist you in obtaining the Orthotic Brace that is right for you, while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. We guarantee you the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Finally there is someone there to help you navigate the confusing waters of the health care system!   Our knowledgable staff will help you determine what brace you might need.   We will consult with your doctors to see if they feel it is necessary and appropriate to improve your condition.  And then we will ship you the finest Orthotic Brace on the market today.  Medicare Part-B and many Private Insurance cover our Orthotic Braces, so if you have arthritis, are recovering from an accident or surgery, please give us a call or fill out the online form above to see if you are eligible.

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Service, that’s a word that has been lost on many companies and we’ve all experienced it, but not at Ridgeline Medical. Service is where we excel. Our staff is some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and courteous in the industry. Why? Because we demand it, and so should you.

No matter how large or small your order may be, you will be treated with the utmost respect from a highly trained group of professionals. Of course, you’ll get your supplies delivered quickly to your home, and we would never think about sending you more supplies than you need or have authorized. We also want you to be assured that all of your personal information is kept extremely confidential and will never be shared with anyone other than your physician and insurance provider. Because, after all, we want you to feel like part of the Ridgeline Medical family.

Ridgeline Medical is a participating Medicare provider accredited by the Accreditation Commission for HealthCare and is fully compliant with all state and federal laws, including the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). So won’t you join the thousands of satisfied customers we have helped and experience the benefits that only Ridgeline Medical can provide.

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